Baystate Health’s mission is to improve the health of the people in our communities every day with quality and compassion.  Confronting racism and bias behaviors is critical to achieving this mission.  We are committed to continuing to learn, grow, and examine our systems and behaviors to ensure they advance equity and shared prosperity for our employees and those in our communities.

The work we do every day at Baystate Health is guided by core values of respect, integrity, teamwork and life-long learning. We define our value of respect as honoring the dignity of all people.  We know that honoring the dignity of our diverse workforce leads to innovative thinking and cultural humility in the care of our patients.

We are one Baystate Health community, advancing care and enhancing lives.

We are dedicated to achieving equity in the hiring, promotion and retention of employees as we seek to better represent the communities Baystate Health serves. We have specific goals focused on the hiring, retention and inclusion of Black and Hispanic employees to address identified gaps when compared to White and Asian employees. Other inclusive strategies support financial prosperity for employees and their families, and a safe and inclusive experience for LGBTQIA+ employees, patients and visitors. We remain focused on the safe and equitable care of all the people we serve.

Business Resource Groups (BRGs), led by employees across Baystate Health in partnership with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, celebrate diversity and positively impact Baystate Health’s patient care mission by elevating voices and working together to build an inclusive, collaborative workplace.

What we say matters, yet what we do about it is what makes a difference.  We invite you to join us in making a difference at Baystate Health.

Learn more about how we are advancing diversity, equity and inclusion at Baystate Health here or by reading the publications below:

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We strive to create meaningful connections that inspire and cultivate a culture in which we all belong.

Let’s bring light into our hearts and spread that light to all we encounter – those we love and those we have a hard time loving, those with whom we agree and those with whom we do not. We are all worthy of love.
– Rabbi Kenneth Hahn, Spiritual Services

Dignity is within each of us. Honoring dignity belongs to all of us.

Diversity is the way in which we differ as individuals or organizations. While we are diverse in multiple ways, our commonalities bring us together. This combination helps us to work collaboratively to succeed individually and as an organization.

#elevatingdignity #onebaystate

“I have been a proud ally for many years, and [my participation in the LGBTQ+ Pride BRG] allowed me to explore new education about how I can be a stronger ally for members of our community.”
– Kristina Pise, Patient Experience Manager

Launching our new Baystate Health Wellness on Wheels (WoW) mobile health unit has been a true testament to Baystate Health’s commitment to equity. Working with the community and not ahead of the community is the tenet of the WoW bus strategy. We are teaching our medical and health profession students in the community and to see themselves as community partners. Every day is an opportunity for growth in learning as we work towards improving the health our communities.

~ Kelly Lamas, MPH, Mobile Health Project Coordinator, UMMS-Baystate

I take a lot of pride working as an educator for Baystate Health as I am fully supported in education, initiatives, and the ability to bring awareness to staff about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The mission of the hospital to ‘improve the health of the people in our communities every day with quality and compassion’ is not just a saying, but weaved into the fibers of how we train staff in providing care to all. To me, equity and fairness is who we are as an organization and how we conduct ourselves in all that we do.


~ Michele Johansson, MSN, RN, CNL, CEN, Nurse Educator

At Baystate Health, we are on a journey to examine our policies, practices and behaviors and to hard-wire sustainable change toward inclusivity and equity. Doing so is not only the right thing to do; it is a competitive advantage that compels people to want to work for Baystate Health and to receive the care and services we deliver. It makes us a better organization and is critical to the fulfillment of our charitable mission of improving the health in all the communities we serve.


~ Mark A. Keroack, MD, MPH, President and Chief Executive Officer, Baystate Health

As Baystate continues to examine systems, build trust and face challenges head-on, our 2025 Workforce Strategy related to diversity, inclusion, employee experience and belonging include:

  • Continued increase in number of Nurses, Providers and Leaders in the Under- Represented in Medicine categories
  • Reducing turnover for all employees
  • Helping all employees feel valued and better positioned for growth and personal prosperity