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Req#: R29687
Category(s): Allied Health Clinical Professional, Surgical Services
Full Time / Part Time: Full-Time
Shift: First


The Sterile Processing Technician performs a variety of functions from decontamination of bio-hazardous material, to cleaning, inspection, assembly, and sterilization of various instruments and equipment according to the manufacturer's instruction and/or hospital protocol.  The decontamination process requires the application of knowledge regarding infection control and safety.  Decontamination utilizes automated processors and manual methods.  The inspection process requires attention to detail in the visual inspection of instruments and equipment after cleaning and before assembly.  In the assembly process, the technician is responsible and accountable for the correct assembly of instrument kits, therefore knowledge of surgical instrumentation is necessary.  The sterilization process includes the operation of steam, ethylene oxide, and low-temperature gas plasma sterilizers according to policies and/or manufacturer's instructions.

Strict adherence to sterilization parameters and accurate documentation of all the parameters associated with the sterilization process is required.  Quality indicators for all aspects of sterile processing are required to provide our customers with sterile, accurately assembled kits and case carts for surgical procedures.  These quality checks include biological and chemical monitoring of sterilization processes and review of all processing records for compliance.

The Sterile Processing Technician must have the ability to prioritize work assignments, work in a fast-paced environment and interact with peers, nurses, physicians, and other health care professionals.  Maintenance of a clean, organized work area is essential for workflow.

All Sterile Processing staff is responsible for the inspection of sterile goods for package integrity and expiration date.  Various other clerical duties are performed in addition to the previously mentioned documentation.

Job Responsibilities: 

1) Demonstrates knowledge of basic concepts of Infection Control and can adapt this knowledge to Sterile Processing procedures.  Understands sufficient medical terminology to discuss supplies needed for medical and nursing personnel.     

2) Understands decontamination processes for reusable instrumentation and can choose the appropriate cleaning method for each item with minimal supervision

3) Operates and maintains all decontamination automated washers, ultrasonics and sterilizers according to manufacturer's recommendations and/or hospital procedures. Identifies machine malfunction and promptly reports to supervisor and/or clinical engineering.  

4)  Performs and monitors daily TOSI testing on automatic washers and daily SonoCheck testing on ultrasonic washers     

5)  Process and maintain surgical instruments, trays, basins, miscellaneous supplies and devices according to manufacturer's directions. Assembles 4-6 instrument trays per hour with accuracy. Identifies, inspects, tests, assembles, packages, wraps and sterilizes all reusable instruments and miscellaneous devices.

6)  Performs proper loading and unloading of all sterilizers, accountable for release of sterilized items, and for inspecting the sterile integrity of all items

7)  Scan all items into the tracking system before storage and distribution

8) Prepares surgical carts by picking items from the storage area according to first in first out stock rotation

9)  Performs biological and chemical monitoring tests on all sterilizers including steam autoclaves, and low temperature gas plasma, as often as required with minimal supervision.  Interprets and maintains accurate records of the biological testing results and all parameters associated with sterilization cycles

10)  Ability to use the tracking system to scans kits, loaners and peel packs to the rightful locations.  Checks integrity of packaging of items placed on storage shelves by carefully verifying that it has no damage.  Ensures that items stored on the bottom shelf are in containers

11) Must obtain CBSPD and/or HSPA within 18 months of hire

Required Work Experience: 

1) None

Preferred Work Experience: 

1) Previous experience in sterile processing or perioperative environment preferred

Skills and Competencies: 

1) Ability to read and comprehend English language

2)  Ability to follow detailed instructions, possess good customer service skills and be able to perform a number of activities according to priority in a fast paced environment

3)  Complete appropriate orientation, 8-13 weeks

4)  Ability to perform essential functions within the following Sterile Processing areas: Decontamination area, prep and packaging, sterilization

5)  Web based training, and hand hygiene

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GED or HiSET (Required)


Certified Sterile Processing Technician – Other

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