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Req#: R31609
Category(s): Trades/Engineering/Facilities, Security
Full Time / Part Time: Full-Time
Shift: Second


Under the direction of the security supervisor, protects the life and property of all persons on Baystate Health property. Ensures consistent and safe service delivery throughout the medical center /hospital. Patrols hospital buildings and grounds and acts to deter loss of institution, employees, patients, and visitors by preventing illegal entry by unauthorized individuals. Monitors surveillance cameras and reports any suspicious activities. Enforces the access control program. Examine doors and windows to ensure they are secure and check and maintain hospital vehicles' security. Monitors fire, security, and infant security protection systems as applicable. The officer is responsible for responding to all calls for assistance and responding to emergency codes. Ability to make decisions guided by general instruction and practices requiring some interpretation. May make recommendations for solving problems of moderate complexity and importance. Provides escorts for patients, visitors, employees, and students. 

Assists in traffic control for fire and other emergent situations. Handles disruptive situations. Conducts preliminary investigations. Performs special assignments as assigned by the Security Supervisor

Job Responsibilities: 

1) Patrols facility and grounds or maintains fixed post coverage, inspecting security, health, and safety hazards, unauthorized persons, and unsecured doors and windows, making notifications, or taking corrective actions as necessary. Responds to calls for service, alarms, and emergency code activation, rendering aid, traffic/pedestrian control, and clinician assistance, such as de-escalating emotionally distressed persons who may pose a safety risk to themselves or others. Report any unusual occurrences, property damage, thefts, and all suspicious activities. Prepares reports specific to the problem noted. Interacts with staff by communicating crime prevention and security awareness information    

2) Enforces the access control program.

Issues visitor badges by policy. Explains access denials clearly, following policy guidelines. Identifies persons without identification in all areas of Baystate Health facilities. Ensures doors within the patrol area are secured/opened at the correct times and completes unsecured door reports. Documents inspection of high-risk areas. Clears floors of visitors as requested by nursing staff. Issues vendor and other specialty badges. Takes immediate action to correct security/safety problems. Conducts building rounds to ensure that doors/windows are securely locked. 

Responds to requests to lock and unlock doors and also secure doors according to specified schedules

3) Focus on the protection, safeguarding, security, and customer service needs of patients, visitors, and employees, as well as their possessions and medical center property, in a manner that maintains the highest quality of safety and service to the BH Community.

4) Responds to codes and other emergencies immediately as directed by the supervisor. Operates fire equipment following department procedures. Has a working knowledge of emergency response plans and assists the supervisor and Emergency Management Director in setting up the emergency operations center (EOC). They will also notify the Police when appropriate.

5)  Assists in traffic control.

Keeps fire lanes clear of traffic. Provides direction to visitors on parking and patient pick-up areas. Performs traffic control for helicopter landings. Follows procedures for enforcing parking rules and completes reports. Controls vehicle traffic in and around the institution to prevent congestion.

6) Handles disruptive situations.

Understands policy on the use of force. Manages complex, dynamic, and emotionally charged situations in an effort to restore order. Employs proven crisis intervention techniques. Use effective and appropriate de-escalation techniques when addressing disorderly, disruptive, or emotionally charged persons. Demonstrates understanding of restraint protocols. Works with other departments to provide a team approach to managing disruptive incidents

7) Provide escorts as directed by security supervisor. Ensure safe escort to employees and visitors within and when leaving the institution as requested.

8) Conducts preliminary investigations.

Collects all required preliminary information at the incident scene, including personal data, property data, relevant times, and circumstances. Renders a report in a timely manner. Conducts complete investigations on lost and found property cases. Checks all repositories and nursing units and shows the ability to trace patient progress through the facility.

9) Performs special assignments.

Controls the movements of patients the medical staff identifies as being at risk. Provides temporary support to clinics, offices, or other areas as required. Performs mobile patrols of campus. Provides security for special events.

10) Provides escorts.
Ensures timely and safe escort to employees and others within the medical facility for Behavioral Patients and Criminal Traumas or others as requested by care team. Performs patient watches in Emergency Department and on inpatient units on occasion and upon request.

11) Baystate Noble Hospital May be assigned to watch patients in the Emergency Department in the absence of BRT.  All regions may assist inpatient units on occasion and upon request in the event of physically aggressive patients.

12) Demonstrates and models principles of service excellence in support of the patient /employee experience

13) Completes all incident reports objectively, writes in a clear and legible style, and submits all incident reports and accompanying documentation to the Supervisor before departing at the end of their shift

14) Photo ID System—has working knowledge of the ID system to create and reprint ID badges and provide access to the Premisys System.

15) When on building rounds, officers will be required to swipe at any card access reader they come across during rounds.

16) Demontrates professionalism when directing employees, staff, visitors, and patients to all areas of the hospital as requested. Provide assistance to above as needed.

17) BMC Only—Officers will provide escorts to the Operating Room or other procedures areas as required and for admissions to nursing units for Criminal traumas. They will also support nursing units in the event of a Criminal Trauma admission by screening visitors at the bedside with Photo ID checks on all visitors and positioning themselves outside the patient room for the first 48 hours of any admission. Detail may continue if threat assessment warrants.

Minimally Required:   

Customer service background and the ability to communicate effectively.

Preferred Experience:

3-6 months of military, police, fire, corrections, behavioral health, or healthcare security experience.  If no security-related experience, an associate or bachelor’s degree in a related field may be considered in lieu of experience.

Skills and Competencies: 

Proficient in Microsoft Word, report writing skills, and good customer service/communication skills. Utilize computer systems to document work activity and to assist visitors in determining where patients are located

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Driver License – Other

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