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Req#: R28821
Category(s): Trades/Engineering/Facilities, Food and Nutrition
Full Time / Part Time: Per Diem
Shift: First


Applicant will have 5 years proven cooking experience in a healthcare, restaurant or other hospitality setting. Applicant will be able to produce high quality, high volume food for retail, catering and patient service utilizing cook chill equipment. Ensures appropriate cook chill and production supply levels to execute daily production needs. Ensures that processed food inventories are maintained appropriately and are commensurate with food usage levels. Responsible for daily food quantity and quality, based on C-BORD generated specifics. Maintains temperature, QC and QA logs accordingly. Ensures the safe, sanitary, smooth operation of all food production and cook chill equipment.

Incumbent is expected to perform safe and sanitary food handling techniques, prepares hot and/or cold food products for assembly on the room service line following direction of the Supervisor. Additionally, produce high quality food for the catering and retail production areas. Must have the ability to learn on-the job-skills, and handle periodic stressful times. Line, prep, high volume cooking skills necessary.

Applicant will have knowledge of advanced cooking methods and strong math skills. Able to meet physical demands as determined by Health Service assessment. Ability to read, write and comprehend English. Knowledge of HACCP and SERV-SAFE related food handling techniques: gloves, cutting boards, cross-contamination, ingredient quality/safety, personal and professional hygiene, temperature danger zone.

Applicant will be expected to clean and sanitize all equipment he/she is in contact with. Scheduling flexibility: days, nights, alternating weekends. Team player in a fast paced environment is essential.

Job Responsibilities: 

1) Safe, sanitary food handling techniques: gloves, cutting boards, cross-contamination, hygiene, temperature danger zone, ingredient quality and safety, exact recipe adherence with zero tolerance for variation.

2) Ensures appropriate cook chill and production supply levels to execute daily production needs. Projects needs and places orders for all foods necessary to Sous Chef.

3) Ensures the safe, smooth operation of cook chill production equipment. Able to assemble and disassemble cooker cooler. Able to operate tumble chiller C.I.P. and report deviations of correct operating status of either to supervisor.

4) Maintains temperature, QC and QA logs as directed by HACCP, JCAHO and DPH regulations, and Executive Chef or designee directives.

5) Cleans and sanitizes all equipment he/she is in contact with mechanical devices, movable and stationary equipment, refrigerators, cutting boards, knives, food service equipment.

6) Works well under pressure: maintains composure, quality, consistency, safety. Will assist others when business levels increase without being asked.

7) Team player in a fast paced environment. Helps with production cooking, room service/line cooking as needed.

8) Able to work independently with little supervision. Will perform either production, prep or line cooking functions as necessary in accordance with HACCP, JCAHO and DPH regulations.

9) Prepares hot and/or cold food items in an appropriate timeframe for assembly on the room service line following direction of the Supervisor. Able to work in production area, producing high volume, high quality foods for retail and catering areas, as a part of a team or independently.

10) Must speak, read, write and understand English fluently.

Required Work Experience: 

1) 5 years cooking experience, especially back-of-house, in restaurant, hospital or institutional foodservice

Preferred Work Experience: 

1) None Listed

Skills and Competencies: 

1) Advanced cooking skills(soups, sauces, recipes from scratch), safety/sanitation, knowledge of culinary terms, upscale menu items, line and prep experience

90 days to receive ServSafe certification

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ServSave Food Handlers Certified – ServSafe National Restaurant Association

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