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Req#: R27165
Category(s): Nursing, License Practical Nurse
Full Time / Part Time: Full-Time
Shift: First

Job Summary:

The LPN functions under the supervision and guidance of the Nursing Supervisor,  Physician, or Advance Practitioner and participates in the multi-disciplinary process of providing care and treatment to patients of all ages and provides clinical support and technical assistance to the professional medical and other staff. The LPN is responsible for functioning within the scope of practice dictated by the authority of the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing. The LPN provides an understanding approach to patient care, responsive to patient needs, maintains confidentiality, and provides support to patients during examinations, testing,

procedures, and ensuring a smooth transition during patient sessions.

To provide patient-centered care the LPN assists with patient office visits, prepare exam room,  including putting patients in rooms, interviewing patients, reviewing health maintenance, and measures vital signs including pulse rate, blood pressure, temperature, height, and weight, and enters information in patient’s electronic medical record. Performs select clinical tests including, collection/preparation specimen for lab analysis, EKG, bladder scan, POC testing to include but not limited to; urinalysis, pregnancy test, blood glucose monitoring, HbA1c, throat culture, and vision and hearing screening. Manages and operates equipment safely and correctly. Administers and documents medication and immunizations under provider order or protocol and follows the five (5) medication rights and reduces the potential for medical error.  Assists provider with or performs procedures/testing as directed by protocol.

Prepares treatment rooms for examination of patients. Ensures that patients’ records are accurately documented. The LPN is proficient in the essential functions and the practice-specific skills inventory for the LPN.

The LPN approaches work with a can-do attitude, works collaboratively with the clinical and office staff, and looks to improve operations or resolve problems with thoughtful consideration and responsiveness to the needs of others.

Job Responsibilities

1) Patient and Room Preparation – Based on patient intake data collected, assess exam requirements and prepare room and patient for exam, treatment, or procedure. maintaining medical or surgical asepsis.  Ensures all necessary equipment and supplies are readily available and provides patients with appropriate education materials.  Reviews patient and provider schedules to prepare for the day and make appropriate changes and suggestions for improved patient access and patient flow.

2) Patient Intake and History – Accurately and within the established time frame, gather and/or confirm patient information including personal data and clinical information, health history, health maintenance, vitals, medication, the reason for visit, falls risk, depression screening, and social history to ensure accurate patient record for evaluation and treatment. 

Demonstrates proficiency in the use of electronic medical records.

3) Clinical Orders – Independently implements provider’s orders when standing orders and protocols are used to maintain the flow of patient care, testing for appropriate treatment, health maintenance, and coordination of care with the clinical team. 

4) Assisting Provider – Available for chaperoning and to assist provider as needed.  Assists providers with procedures.  Anticipates the needs of the provider. Sets up and cleans exam/procedure room, utilizing appropriate infection control.

5) Procedures and clinical tasks – Performs procedures independently as approved by the provider, including EKG, vision and hearing screening, and point of care testing, with the protocol or provider order. Performs all competency validation or sign-off as required for equipment handling. 

 Immunizations and all non-IV medications may be administered by the LPN, by protocol or order from the provider, after validation and competency have been validated under the direction of the RN.

Oversee Vaccination program and schedule

Patient Education – nurse visits

Works with the RN to manage INR follow up and Controlled Substance Contracted patient

*Narcotics Contract Management including registry

*INR Management 

Ensures accuracy of health maintenance for each patient, working registries to keep up to date, prepare charts for upcoming visits.

Remote Patient monitoring – review changes with provider/RN.

Managing result inbox messages – with a plan from provider/RN

Documentation – Accurately and within an established time frame, completes all documentation.  Ensures that patient and provider information is complete.

6) Training in systems: Must demonstrate proficiency and understanding of the following within 90-day orientation

       ●Cerner (CIS) (Electronic Medical Record)

       ●Centricity Business (CB)

       ●Patient Keeper (PK)

7) Patient Discharge – Follows up with patient providing education materials, appointments, and referrals as requested by provider order or protocol.  Follows up with patients to ensure they have what they need.  Cleans room and prepares for the next patient.

Under the direction of the provider or nurse, provides education to patients.

Completes referrals and prior authorizations as needed.

Must become proficient in scheduling follow-up appointments, and check-in process including insurance verification.

8) Health Care Team Relationships:

The nurse cooperatively interacts within the health care team to support and contribute to the shared patient-centered/family focus care goals.  Effective and efficient use of technological and human resources to achieve desired patient/family outcomes.

Focuses on developing relationships within the practice and healthcare team.

Seeks out information and learning opportunities to increase knowledge base.

Cooperatively interacts within the health care team to support and contribute to the shared patient/family-focused care goals.

Assists in managing the flow of patient care sessions through effective interactions with team/staff members.

Develops an understanding of BH Operating Principles and Service Standards.


Develops the ability to actively listen to patients, customers, and staff.  Acknowledges what has been communicated and demonstrates understanding and interest through verbalization and use of body language.

Maintains calm open honest approach.  Projects a positive image of BH.  Demonstrates belief in the value of each person even during busy times.

Communicates appropriate data and pertinent patient information on a timely and regular basis to the patient and provider



Accepts responsibility for own actions and views new assignments as an opportunity to develop skill and practice.

Demonstrates understanding of practice operations, processes, and programs.  Gives patients and fellow employees appropriate guidance as requested.

Provides feedback as appropriate to team members and demonstrates professional behavior.

Actively engages in process and/or quality improvement.

Addresses clinical improvement needs of employees with supervisor or manager.

Participates in the peer review process as requested

Becomes a mentor to the Medical Assistant.     

11) BH required competencies per department for annual training/CEU


Not listed

Minimally Required Education:

Successful completion of LPN Program

Minimally Required Experience:

Health care experience





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