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Req#: R26682
Category(s): Clinical Support, Patient Care Technicians
Full Time / Part Time: Full-Time
Shift: First


Flex Team PCTs will function in a supportive role to a registered nurse and work collaboratively with the health care team in the management of patient care. This position on the Flex Team allows the applicant to gain experience in providing care to a diverse patient population; Flex Team PCTs will float to multiple units in both the adult and children's hospitals based on patient census and staffing needs. Flex Team PCTs report to the Clinical Manager but daily activities will be coordinated by the RN. PCTs will perform direct patient care (hygiene, skin care, mobility, and assistance with elimination needs), obtain and record vital signs, collect laboratory specimens, document intake/output, communicate effectively with patients/staff, promote patient safety and function as a team member within the health system. Adherence to system and department compliance policies and any and all applicable laws and regulations is mandatory. Management has the right to change or add to the job responsibilities at any time.


1) Provides age-appropriate care to patients.

Demonstrates knowledge of developmental stages for the following age groups and applies developmental theories and concepts when implementing care for patients.

2) Monitors basic physiological parameters.

Takes and records routine vital signs within the specified timeframe as

indicated by periodic review of documentation. Obtains and documents

weights/heights, abdominal girths, and head circumference (Pediatric

Service) as per physician/nurse order 100% of the time as indicated by

quarterly review of 5 records. Consistently reports any significant

deviations in vital signs as outlined in the procedure immediately. Records

and reports, 100% of the time, any change in patient’s normal drainage

pattern, i.e.gastric, wound, blood.       

3) Administers treatments and procedures per BMC policy/procedure. Changes dressings within one hour of the specified timeframe per established procedure. Provides post-mortem care as directed by RN according to BMC policy. Performs all procedures outlined in the nursing procedure manual within the area of responsibility per specifications. Assists physicians with exams and simple procedures. Assures the identity of the patient by checking the identification bracelet and identification band before performing any procedure.     

4) Assists patients with the elimination of body wastes. Makes available or offers bedpan, urinal, and emesis basin immediately after patient request as indicated by the absence of patient complaints. Accurately labels and sends specimens of urine, feces, and sputum within 30 minutes of the specified time frame unless discussed with RN as evidenced by a random review of reports. Accurately measures and records intake and output per established policy as indicated by random review of intake and output forms. Administers enemas or Harris Drips as ordered per established procedure as observed.

5) Performs Point of Care (POC) Testing

6) Assist in the delivery of ancillary services as directed.

Assists with treatment by following specified treatment plans developed

for individual patients. Monitors patient’s condition during treatment and

notifies appropriate personnel of unexpected occurrences. Provides

information to RN based upon an observation made during patient-related

care. Provides treatment within the specified time frame. Documents

treatments and activities consistently. 

7) Communicates effectively with team and patients.

Interacts with patients in a respectful and informative manner. Communicates information related to patient care to the team. Recognizes culturally based patient and family needs.           

8) Is knowledgeable of and initiates emergency procedures. Responds effectively in emergencies as observed. Maintains Patient safety at all times. Communicated effectively with appropriate personnel.                

9) Functions as a member of the team.

Assists team members with clinical activities. Provides feedback related to the team process. Assists team members with non-clinical activities.

10) Competencies and completion and maintenance of clinical recognition program for career ladder level.

11) Demonstrates competency for one-to-one observation of patient-based on department and unit-specific needs.

Required Experience: 

1)  2 or more years of in-patient/hospital experience OR at least one year as a level III PCT at Baystate Health 

Preferred Experience: 

CNA or equivalent experience

Skills and Competencies: 

Proficient in reading and writing in English

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GED or HiSET (Required)


Basic Life Support – American Heart Association

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