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Req#: R30388
Category(s): Trades/Engineering/Facilities, Food and Nutrition
Full Time / Part Time: Part-Time
Shift: First


The Nutrition Assistant facilitates patient meal selections, using Hand Held Technology with a special emphasis on customer service. The Nutrition Assistant provides guidance to patients and family members to select foods that are in compliance with Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) orders. The Nutrition Assistant provides support for nursing and Clinical Nutrition Team. In addition, the Nutrition Assistant facilitates intra and inter department communication to provide quality patient care and enhance patient satisfaction. Required to perform other similar and related duties as assigned. The manager may change or add duties to meet the operational needs of the department at any time without prior notice.

Job Responsibilities: 

1) Assesses patients for appropriateness for food selections.

2) Assist patients and family with meal selections when indicated, offering suggestions as to what types of foods would be appropriate on a specific diet type.

3) Provides guidance and encourages patients and/or family to select foods that meet MNT orders. Recommends alternatives. Confirms MNT orders and allergies in CIS and CBord.

4) Communicates consistent food choice and/or intake problems to clinical nutrition team and nursing.

5) Delivers supplements to patients , assists nursing in verifying consumption , uses double identifiers for distribution of nourishments.

6) Uses dual identifiers when assisting a patient to order their food.

7) Ensures completeness and accuracy of tray and assists patients with tray set up when needed. Practices “clean in, clean out”.

8) Records supplement, fluid and meal intake. Records calorie count when ordered.

9) Reports patient meal problems to dieticians , follows up with dieticians when patient has not ordered for 2 meal periods, uses the C-Bord program to provide a well kept record for dealing with discrepancies in Patient Care in regard to feeding. Responsible for follow up with patients where we have not met their expectations, and reporting back to FS Operations Manager as to what the desired outcome will be.

10) Provide accurate and complete information for the production area, therefore streamlining the process of assembling patient trays in an accurate method . Major emphasis on keeping waste to a low level is required, which involves communication regarding MHU discharges being removed prior to assembly.

11) Work with nursing to break down the barriers of communication, opening doors between areas and ensuring proper communication is being used for all aspects of patient care.

12) Uses status icons on C-Bord Program, especially the refused tray button on C-Bord. Provides trays for patients, only honoring diet changes when a physician or nurse has physically changed the patients diet in C-Board.

13) Inserts tray tickets using proper methods, following the designated standards as they are set , with no variations.

14) Follows the pre-determined ticket set up, having the hot items, garnish, etc. at the top of the tray ticket , then places the cold items in the pre determined areas to allow for a more streamlined assembly of trays.

15) Distributes tube feedings on the floors at the designated times to ensure patient receives and utilizes the product.

16) Understands and uses the new hand held technology for inputting patient meals through the C-Bord system, follows pre-determined scripting for each interaction, and checking allergies.

17) When assigned attends nursing practice meetings on all the floors, interacts with nursing to develop or redesign a process fails through communication and collaboration.

18) Re-institute test tray program between food service employees as well as nursing, explain the process, document the results for monthly reporting.

19) Follow up with patients using the patient satisfaction survey tool, inquiring if we have met their expectations of an excellent experience. Seek feedback on how to improve the overall food service experience.

20) Demonstrates and models principals of service excellence in support of the patient experience and SPIRIT program.

Required Work Experience: 

1) None

Preferred Work Experience: 

1) Food service and/or healthcare experience preferred

Skills and Competencies: 

1) Able to speak, write and comprehend English

2)  Basic math skills

3)  Ability to follow directions

4)  Excellent verbal communication skills

5)  Familiarly with using Windows based software

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