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Category(s): Nursing, Nurse Educators
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The regional competition market and its increasing demand for nurses dictate that BH make retention a top priority. The role of the Nurse Education and Retention Coordinator is to advocate for nurses, share retention knowledge and best practices, and positively impact nurses' work environments. As well as, act as the primary educator for the Clinical Resoruce depts.

Key responsibilities include provide support and any necessary intervention to new registered nurse hires to BMC during the first two years of their tenure. Use appreciative inquiry interview skills as basis for relationship with new employee and acts as nurse educator and liaison to nurse managers and nurse educators. Track and trend issues and successes over time. Provide routine performance data to managers and directors.

Conduct retention interviews with nurses, hold one-to-one retention discussions, chair the Healthy Workplace Committees and take an active role in Nurses Week planning and leading unit interventions. The ultimate goal in retention is the ability to impact an organization by keeping good people within the health system.

Job Responsibilities: 

1) Collaborates with HR Workforce Planning team to develop a robust system and database to capture and catalog trend top reasons nurses consider leaving the organization.

2) Work with HR Workforce Planning to develop a career develop matrix to promote and support the RN clinical advancement (patient acuity/population changes) within the health system.

3) In the spirit of appreciative inquiry, catalog what the nurses like most about their unit experience. Examples include coworkers, patient population, flexible schedules, learning experiences, growth opportunities, and his/her Nurse Manager.

4) Conduct routine conversations with nurses whose retention may be at risk. Retention conversations are confidential and aim to resolve a problem. Nurses contact the Nurse Retention Coordinator directly, or may do so through the encouragement of their Nurse Manager or a colleague.

5) Conduct routine focus groups to explore Gallup and NDNQI results, as well as verbatim comments to uncover opportunities to improve the work environment and enhance retention rates.

6) Ensure the Advanced Workforce Scheduler and other scheduling best practices are being utilized to the fullest to maximize the nurses' control over their work schedule and that planned time off can be easily obtained.

7) Provide 1:1 counseling to nurses and Nurse Managers and work collaboratively to resolve issues and concerns. Serve as a mediator for the nurse to give feedback to the Nurse Manager.

8) Play an active role in recognition efforts by collaborating with Nursing Staff Development on monthly preceptor recognition/developmental sessions for RN preceptors, Professional Nurse Recognition Program and Baystate Celebrates.

9) Acts as the department educator for the Clinical Resource departments, staying up to date on care initiatives across BH. Coordiante staff orientation and ongoing clinical competencies for the Flex staff that cover pediatrics and adults as well as all levels of acuity and clinical areas.

10) Offer career counseling and coaching that includes resources on obtaining certification and advancing formal education leveraging the Nursing Forgivable Loan program and other funding sources to support the attainment of career goals.

11) Work collaboratively with Communications, Marketing and Talent Acquisition to provide feedback to enhance our future hiring processes and enhanced RN loyalty to BH.

12) Participate in general orientation of new staff and contribute to the onboarding of new staff on the unit.

13) Meets with nurse managers and educators on units where new staff are hired.

Required Work Experience: 

1) 3-5 years nursing experience

Preferred Work Experience: 

1) None Listed

Skills and Competencies: 

1) None Listed

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Diploma in Nursing: Nursing, Master of Nursing (Required)


Registered Nurse – State of Massachusetts

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