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Req#: R20683
Category(s): Trades/Engineering/Facilities, Facilities
Full Time / Part Time: Full-Time
Shift: First


Under the direction of the Director of Engineering, Security, and Materials Management the Manager of Engineering and Facility Management is responsible for the development and administration of all programs to maintain all buildings, grounds, and equipment for Baystate and associated properties in Westfield, MA in accordance with the Joint Commission, DPH, DEP, local, state, and federal regulations. The Manager oversees all aspects of building maintenance, buildings being livable and workable with respect to heat, light, power, air conditioning, and other environmental factors. Effectively directs all engineering operations to facilitate repair, renovation, and construction of Baystate Noble's physical plant buildings, equipment, and systems. Develops, analyzes and administers hospital engineering programs relating to present and future hospital requirements in accordance with regulations and administrative guidelines. Administers a preventative maintenance program to facilitate uninterrupted service to patients and staff assuring safe building conditions.

Job Responsibilities: 

1) Direct and supervise assigned personnel including performance evaluation, scheduling and orientation, and training for assigned department staff. Make effective recommendations on hire, transfer, promotion, wage change, discipline, termination and similar actions. Resolve grievances and personnel problems. Assist in development, implementation and compliance with policies and procedures. Be able to work in an union environment and be involved in negotiating collective bargaining agreements.

2) Maintains comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of engineering to work closely with medical center administration, Baystate Health Facilities teams, and department managers to plan, organize, direct, and evaluate the needs of facility buildings, equipment, and systems, which includes hospital owned and leased properties. Recommends improvements to administration in the hospital's facilities, including construction or renovations of structures and purchase of equipment, based on inspections, consideration of hospital goals and needs, and other relevant hospital requirements Responsible for identifying and initiating necessary actions to resolve structural, electrical, safety, and mechanical engineering problems.

3) Consults with and/or advises medical center administration and the facilities committee on plans and programs for the hospital facilities and progress of major construction and/or renovation projects.

4) Performs the function of Project Manager including the job of the Clerk of the Works for construction and renovation projects. Responsible for the tactical planning and execution of project plans, including space planning, design, solicitation of bids, awarding of contracts, monitoring vendor progress, and approving change order requests. Coordinates renovation and construction activities with outside architects and engineering consultants, as necessary, to assure project planning and completion within approved budgets. Maintains records and files pertaining to projects.

5) Manages matters coming before the engineering department including concerns and issues with the facilities, equipment, systems, maintenance, energy management, and other problems that have been referred to him or her. Visits work sites to determine compliance with applicable engineering policies and regulations, reviews issues which may include potential engineering hazards and works to assure resolution and appropriate follow up where needed.

6) Develops, secures approval of, and implements departmental goals, objectives, and plans. Establishes departmental policies and procedures, and approves changes recommended by lead persons, supervisors, and/or assistants. Provides leadership oversight and management of engineering supervisors, lead staff and assistants with their specific responsibilities and sections of engineering and supports development of methods to improve individual section operating standards. Works with medical center administration to develop and conduct determination-of-need and cost benefit studies for proposed new programs, equipment, and services.

7) Interviews contractors to receive and analyze bids, including analysis of proposed changes; submits and recommends bids to administration on standard policies, such as economy and feasibility of bid. Provides direction to contractors, architects, engineers, and material and equipment suppliers. Negotiates contractual arrangements of equipment, services for engineering, maintenance, grounds, plant operations, construction, renovation projects and secures approvals as necessary to and from medical center administration. Evaluates current and planned activities in assigned areas and ensures compliance with the Medical Center's policies.

8) Plans and directs a regular program of safety inspection and hazard reporting. Reports monthly to the Safety Committee. Assists in the development of hospital wide and department specific safety policies and procedures. Assists the department managers with continuing safety education of their employees. Follows all applicable codes and standards established by Joint Commission local, state and federal regulatory agencies.

Coordinates preparation of required reports to state and federal agencies. Serves as the hospital safety representative to selected hospital and Medical Staff Committees.

9) Manages the medical centers energy management programs. Administers and directs programs to procure utilities.

10) Monitors and ensures that the Medical Center is in compliance with local, state, federal, environmental protection, and fire protection regulations and standards as well as Joint Commission accreditation requirements. Accompanies regulatory inspectors , whether voluntary or involuntary within local, state, federal jurisdiction on inspection of facilities and grounds providing them with the requested and appropriate information, and is responsible for follow up or reporting as necessary.

11) Oversees fire prevention, life safety and utilities activities for Joint Commission Inspections.

12)Implements programs for utility management and fire safety management. Actively investigates safety issues and assures appropriate follow-up where indicated.

13) Prepares annual operating and capital department budgets, monitors budget performance through the fiscal year. Works with and advises administration, and, department managers on their capital equipment and renovation requests.

14) Assumes responsibility for own professional growth and development including attending appropriate educational programs and maintaining knowledge relevant to responsibilities, including attending professional engineers meetings and seminars directly related to hospital engineering. Stays abreast of any changes in hospital engineering; maintains an up to date knowledge to allow the hospital to operate at a competitive level.

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Bachelor of Science: Engineering (Required)


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