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Req#: R25668
Category(s): Nursing, License Practical Nurse
Full Time / Part Time: Full-Time
Shift: Third


Reports to the Manager, but daily activities are coordinated and under the direction and supervision of a registered nurse. Performs a variety of technical tasks and bedside functions. Responsibilites may include direct patient care: hygiene, skin care, mobility and monitoring. Administers medications and parenteral therapy. Multiskilled to meet the needs of the unit in performing duties relative to phlebotmy and EKG's. Expected to manage equipment and perform or assist in procedures on the unit. This description describes the essential functions of the position.

Job Responsibilities: 

1) Provides direct patient care within scope of practice to ensure implementaion of the plan of care. Follows nursing orders as specified on assigned patients discussing exceptions with registered nurse. Consistently and willingly assists other team members in providing care to assigned patients. Initiates STAT orders within 15-30 minutes of receipt of order and/or as specified by unit guidelines. Performs procedures outlined in nursing policy/procedure manual with area of responsibility. Assesses emergency situations and initiates appropriate interventions as needed. Uses time constructively and organizes assignment for maximum productivity.

2) Participates in data collection related to patient status and needs. Observes and reports pertinent information to registered nurse and on an ongoing basis throughout the shift.

3) Provides input to registered nurse for incorporation into the plan of care by communicating information pertinent to the patient status. Identifies patient problems as they occur. Provides ongoing updates to registered nurse regarding patients progress toward desired outcomes. Consistently offers input to registered nurse pertaining to nursing care. Gives a complete report to registered nurse before leaving the unit for break, lunch or completion of shift. Acts as a patient advocate communicating patient needs to appropriate personnel.

4) Monitors basic physiological parameters. Takes and records routine vital signs at specified times and reports any significant deviations within 5 – 15 minutes of taking them. Records and reports any change in the patients normal drainage pattern, i.e. gastric, wound, blood or diaphoresis.

5) Administers treatments and procedures in accordance with BMC policy and procedures. Changes unsterile dresssings within one hour of specified timeframe in accordance with established procedure. Assists physicans with exams and simple procedures as required. Checks patient identification band prior to performing any procedure or administering of any medication.

6) Assists patients with elimination of body wastes. Makes available or offers bedpan, urinal and emesis basin immediately after patient request. Accurately labels and sends specimens within 30 minutes of specified time frame unless discussed with RN. Accurately measures and records intake and output.

7) Informs and instructs patient/significant others on patients health illness state and plan of care. Communicates all routine and health related procedures to patient/and or significant others. Reinforces patient teaching under the direction of the registered nurse. Keeps registered nurse or provider informed of patient compliance/response to teaching plan on an ongoing basis.

8) Obtain blood specimens for lab analysis demonstrating appropraite technique and clinical judgement skills. Follows established phlebotomy procedures and policies for speciment collection. Recognizes when assistance is needed to obtain a speciment and seeks assistnace from appropriate resource.

9) Appropriately documents all aspects of care during the course of assigned shift.

10) Administers medications and parenteral therapy in accordance with establised BMC guidelines. Administers correct medication/dosage, route and time to identify patient. Correctly identifies patient prior to administration. Reports medication errors as soon as possible. Monitors and documents adverse reactions to medications or parenteral therapy.

11) Demonstrates caring practices that create a compassionate, supportive, and therapeutic environment for patients and staff, with the aim of promoting comfort and healing and preventing unnecessary suffering.

12) Addresses patient experience concerns promptly and objectively. Escalates to RN leadership as needed

13) Successfully completes annual competencies and mandatory education requirements

14) Respects diverse views and approaches, and contributes o maintaining an environment of professionalism, tolerance, civiliy and acceptance toward all employees, patients, and visitors

15) Participates in unit/housewide performance improvement initiatives.

16) May act as a resource/preceptor for specific tasks associated with his/her clinical expertise.

Required Work Experience: 

1) Minimum of one year experience as an LPN

Preferred Work Experience: 

1) None listed

Skills and Competencies: 

1) None Listed

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Certificate: Nursing, GED or HiSET (Required)


Licensed Practical Nurse – Other

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