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Req#: R20203
Category(s): Allied Health Clinical Professional, Laboratory
Full Time / Part Time: Per Diem
Shift: Second


LCRI is a central receiving and communication areas between internal customers of BMC, BFMC, and BMLH, collaborating with and acting as liaison and used as a resource between inpatient staff, physicians and the laboratory.

Lab Assistant Level II encompasses all Lab Assistant Level I accountabilities and skills, and has met Department of Pathology Career Lattice criteria to achieve this level. This position demonstrates proficient skills of LCRI operations, can work independently using multiple computer programs performing short patient registration and test ordering on computer systems using laboratory requisitions for both outpatient, inpatient, reference lab interfaced testing and STAT specimens. Demonstrates ability to prioritize work while maintaining an acceptable level of productivity with a high degree of multi-tasking. Demonstrates proficient technical knowledge/specimen requirements and is a resource for Lab Assistant I. Must possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, promote teamwork, demonstrate accuracy in reporting patient results, strong attention to detail, and ability to work at a high level of productivity. May be expected to take charge duties.

Establishes and maintains good client relations by presenting a professional manner at all times. Develops telephone skills to answer and direct client calls as effectively as possible. Develops the ability to prioritize work while maintaining an acceptable level of productivity with a high degree of multi-tasking. Possesses excellent interpersonal and organizational skills to work effectively in a team environment.

Must be proficient in all Lab Assistant I accountabilities.

Job Responsibilities: 

1) Receives, checks and tracks all specimens entering the main laboratory via couriers, messengers, and the pneumatic tube system. Prioritizes specimens to be registered and ordered according to protocol defining urgency of testing. Delivers specimens to appropriate department in a timely manner and handles/stores specimens for closed laboratories appropriately following procedures during off hours. Utilizes available resources including SunQuest MIQ, Lead and department contacts to determine or verify specimen and specimen handling requirements have been met to insure accurate testing. Communicates extremely effectively with lab staff by announcing any type of priority or special handling scenario. Has contact with bio-hazardous materials.

2) Accurately and completely enters test orders or "receives" orders into the laboratory system. Tracks and routes specimens to appropriate departments using the SunQuest tracking system. Uses SunQuest SMART to locate specimens, view instructions on decanting and storage procedures. Enters appropriate comments. Performs full/short registration on specimens following all current registration procedures using both Atlas and SMS. Accurately enters patient demographics, ordering physician, location and ICD9 code/diagnosis. Utilizes multiple computer systems to include SMS, SunQuest, Outlook, CIS, Atlas, SRS, Salesforce.

3) Enters all necessary information on SRS forms for Inpatients specimen investigations of unclear demographics or test orders and on follow-up forms. Creates Salesforce case for investigation and follow up for clarification on outpatient specimens. Monitors Salesforce Queue, resolves and completes the specimen investigations, contacting Client Services for instructions or questions. Troubleshoots specimens routed to SMART Problem SPOT, following up with resolutions to ensure specimen testing is performed or cancelled as appropriate.

4) Investigates and resolves complex specimen investigation issues. Credits tests using appropriate crediting comments. Effectively communicates issue resolution to clients and laboratory. Maintains accurate and complete documentation. Has acquired proficient knowledge of specimen integrity, specimen handling and specimen labeling requirements and is a resource for Lab Assistant I.

5) Performs and coordinates centrifugation and processing of laboratory specimens to ensure delivery to appropriate departments following delivery schedule. Ensures delivery of STAT/Time Sensitive specimens to appropriate department in a timely manner. Pages on-call Residents /Technicians during off hours for critical specimen testing. Utilizes resources including SunQuest MIQ, Lead and department contacts, to determine specimen collection and specimen handling requirements to insure accurate testing.

6) Contacts physician or appropriate parties for clarification if order/information is unclear or does not match. Accurately selects and orders tests under appropriate billing case.

7) Ensures selection of correct patient and episode with, as well as patient identification and labeling.

8) Answers high volume of telephone calls in a professional manner, providing test results, specimen requirements, accurate and timely testing information or directing calls to appropriate area. Calls ordering or on-call physicians with outpatient test results when requested. Faxes outpatient results to appropriate destinations when requested by ordering physician(s).

9) Uses OnBase to scan requisitions from multiple areas. Ensures all Nice labels are properly attached to requisition and corrects or reprints label if needed. Prepares requisitions for scanning by separating in designated piles and removing paper clips. Loads pages face down and ensures batches arrive in the Awaiting indexing queue or manually indexes those that did not read properly. Performs QA to ensure all documents have been scanned and re-indexes if document did not scan into the workflow queue. Troubleshoots documents that failed the QA process, investigating and reporting to Revenue Services any discrepancies.

10) Willingly accepts changes in the work schedule as necessary to accommodate staffing needs. May assume charge responsibilities, as needed.

11) Participates in training of new employees and students. Has ability to maintain accurate orientation records and appropriate evaluations of trainees and submits them in a timely manner to appropriate supervisor. Completes assigned reading/special projects/duties within established time. Completes educational assignments within deadlines.

12) Annually reviews the Corporate Compliance and the BHS Pathology Compliance Policies

13) Follows all guidelines, procedures, policies, laws etc. which apply to specific work area and incorporates changes, additions, etc. into daily routine.

Required Work Experience: 

1) 12 months as a Lab Assist I

Preferred Work Experience: 

1) None Listed

Skills and Competencies: 

1) Demonstrates excellent communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills

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