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Req#: R30103
Category(s): Allied Health Clinical Professional, Laboratory
Full Time / Part Time: Part-Time
Shift: Third


The incumbent is expected to do one of the following two job functions in this entry level position. 1. TRANSFUSION SERVICE TRACK: Receives and processes blood specimens and orders for tests and products. Selects appropriate blood products to fill patient orders. Performs limited modification of blood products including irradiation, thawing, pooling, freezing and aliquoting. Issues blood products to hospital staff performing final product, patient and computer checks. OR 2. BLOOD COMPONENT MANUFACTURING TRACK: Manufactures quality blood components from whole blood and platelet collections. Operates centrifuges and specialized laboratory equipment to produce red cell and plasma products. Labels blood products. Performs QC and instrument maintenance. Possesses excellent interpersonal and organizational skills to work productively in a team environment.

Job Responsibilities: 

1) 1 -5 JOB FUNCTION #1 TRANSFUSION SERVICE TRACK Receives and processes blood specimens and orders for testing and blood products. Examines all specimens for adherence to labeling policy. Registers patients and updates demographic information in the computer. Enters orders for blood products. Recognizes and takes appropriate action when specimens are mislabeled and when product orders are questionable.

2) Selects the appropriate blood type of blood components and the correct blood products for filling orders. Ensures that blood products match patient special needs. Inspects blood products selected for issue and recognizes abnormal product appearance taking appropriate action.

3) Performs some or all of the product modifications of blood components such as irradiation, thawing, pooling and aliquoting. Follows good manufacturing procedures to ensure the quality and safety of components including sterility. Labels modified blood products with correct ABO/Rh type and blood product names.

4) Attaches transfusion tags to products and verifies that the correct patient tags are attached to the correct products. Performs the electronic compatibility checks in the computer. Issues blood products to hospital staff performing final product, patient, and computer checks.

5) Selects products to fill outside orders. Packages products with proper refrigerants to maintain temperature during transport.

6) 6 – 10 JOB FUNCTION #2 BLOOD COMPONENT MANUFACTURING TRACK Manufactures quality blood components from whole blood and platelet collections. Correctly operates centrifuges for blood component production choosing the correct pre-set programs. Operates a sterile connection device to produce sterile welds between tubing. Inspects welds for integrity and records results.

7) Correctly filters red cells through leukocyte reduction filters, separates red cells and plasma components, and adds preservative solution to red cell products. Completes component production in required time frames and stores products in the correct storage equipment. Records all processing steps in logs and/or in computer.

8) Follows good manufacturing practices to ensure the quality and safety of components including the maintenance of sterility of blood components. Ensures lot numbers of software and disposables and identification numbers of blood and blood components are recorded correctly so that products are traceable to the donor. Follows laboratory procedures for the correct and safe operation of equipment.

9) Inspects products and recognizes abnormalities and takes appropriate action. Labels all products accurately. Verifies labeling in computer system. Transfers labeled products to appropriate storage equipment.

10) Keeps accurate and complete records. Recognizes abnormal or unacceptable results and brings them to the attention of a supervisor.

Required Work Experience: 

1) None

Preferred Work Experience: 

1) Has operated basic laboratory equipment and is familiar with basic laboratory safety rules

Skills and Competencies: 

1) Excellent computer skills

2)  Can work with a PC with Microsoft Windows operating system

3)  Capable of operating laboratory equipment and complying with safety hazards

4)  Capable of working independently and following technical procedures, is organized and can multi-task

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GED or HiSET: Education (Required)


Certified Laboratory Assistant – American Society for Clinical Pathology

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