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Category(s): Administrative Support, Staff Assistant
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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid published standards for Transplant Programs effective June 28, 2007. These standards require that a Living Donor Advocate is available to ensure the rights of all living donors and prospective living donors. The advocate is not a member of the recipient transplant team.

CMS and the OPTN mandate the role of an ILDA to participate in the care of all prospective donors. 
The ILDA advocates for patient autonomy and readiness and a safeguard for aspects of informed consent unique to the living donor population.  

The living donor advocate will adhere to program policies and procedures and CMS and OPTN guidelines (ILDA requirements, ILDA qualifications, and training).

Job Requirements:

1) Patient Experience – the ILDA is available to the potential living donor throughout the process.  Every potential living donor must be assigned to an ILDA prior to the initiation of the evaluation and throughout the donation phase. 

2) The ILDA will interview each potential living donor and provide contact information before the start of each evaluation and continuing to and through the discharge phase of care. 

3) As required by CMS, the ILDA will not participate in any transplant activities or quality initiatives and will solely be responsible for ensuring all potential living donors are entering into the evaluation of their own free will, being available to advocate and support throughout the process. 

4) The ILDA demonstrates knowledge of living organ donation, transplantation, medical ethics, informed consent, understanding of the potential impact of family and other external pressures on the prospective living donors' decision to donate, and the ability to discuss these issues with the donor. 

5) The ILDA documents in the medical record all interactions with the donor candidate, including the assessed level of understanding by the donor candidate during interactions. 

6) The ILDA is responsible for representing and advising the donor, protecting and promoting the donor's interests, respecting the donor's decision, and ensuring that the donor's decision is informed and free from coercion. 

7) The ILDA is primarily the representative of the donor candidate. There may be instances where the advocate/team advises the potential donor candidate where to seek additional information, encourages the candidate to ask pertinent questions, encourages the candidate to have further discussions with the family, or advises the donor candidate to delay the decision to donate at any point without reprisal if they choose. However, the advocate/team does not advise on a donation decision. 

8) All discussions and meetings between the potential donor candidate and the advocate/team must center upon the potential donor's needs, interests, and choices. These discussions must not address the needs of the potential recipient. If, at any point in the process, the donor changes his/her mind and decides not to donate, the advocate must support and intercede on behalf of the donor candidate is indicated. 

Minimally Required Experience:

Experience in Healthcare, Associates Degree, preferably in a healthcare field


Patient advocacy

Computer/technical skills, use of Microsoft Word

Interpersonal and effective communication skills

ability to self-direct learning and work


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