Health Information Technician - Baystate Health

Req#: R30870
Category(s): Information Technology/Health Information Management, Health Information Technician
Full Time / Part Time: Part-Time
Shift: First


Schedule: Saturday & Sunday 630a-3pm

Location: BMC Springfield

This position is responsible for assuring that the basic functions in Health Information Management is completed in a satisfactory manner. This includes assuring confidentiality of all patient health information, answering telephones, filing and retrieving medical records, assembling medical records, analyzing medical records, performing computer retrieval of information, updating data in the computer systems, preparing reports, provide assistance to Medical Staff in the completion of records, delivering medical records, having public contact, perform data transmittal to external parties, release of health information and other duties as necessary. All tasks need to be performed following the Operating Principles of BayState Health System and adhere to system and department compliance policies, and any and all applicable laws and regulations.

Job Responsibilities: 

1) The person will deal with patient health information that is both paper based(medical record) and computer based. This information needs to handled in an extremely confidential manner and released only to authorized users.

2) The person would be responsible to answer telephones from all callers in a professional and courteous manner. These telephone calls could be from the public, physician offices, businesses/attorneys and internal physicians and staff. The importance of returning telephone calls in a prompt manner is extremely important along with always identifying the name of the department and when applicable, your name.

3) Filing and retrieving records/reports in a prompt, efficient and quality manner. The medical record is an extremely important health and legal document that always needs to be able to be quickly accessible to authorized requestors. Prepare reports from the hospital computer systems, i.e.. Softmed. Provide in-depth assistance to Medical Staff in completing medical records.

4) Assembling records is one important aspect to assure that the content of the medical record is in a standardized format. This allows quick access to specific parts of the medical record by the user.

5) Analyze and re-analyze records for deficiencies. This assures a complete medical record that meets all state and federal regulations and other agencies, i.e.. JCAHO.

6) Retrieving data from the hospital computer systems is a necessary and important task. This involves retrieving patient related data to assist in completing other tasks, i.e.. medical record number, patient name, location of medical record etc.

7) Performing computer analysis and data entry/updates in the hospital computer systems. The person at times will be responsible to submit data to external parties, i.e.. birth certificate to the State.

8) Delivering medical records to all authorized staff/departments in a prompt manner. This impacts upon the ability of clinical staff to provide prompt patient care and conduct medical studies.

9) This position will be responsible to work personally with the public and hospital staff. This contact needs to be performed with professionalism and courteous. The person always needs to remain composed and to listen to the patient or staff member. The person should contact their superior with any questions in order to assure satisfactory service.

10) This position will be responsible to review all requests for medical information from external parties, i.e.. patient, attorneys, courts. This person will either authorize the processing of this request or return the request to the requestor indicating why the request is not be fulfilled.

Required Work Experience: 

1) 2+ years of experience with medical records

Preferred Work Experience: 

1) None Listed

Skills and Competencies: 

1) Ability to communicate effectively

2)  Experience with computer systems and knowledge of the regulations and laws surrounding the release of health information

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GED or HiSET (Required)


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