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Req#: R29663
Category(s): Trades/Engineering/Facilities, Facilities
Full Time / Part Time: Full-Time
Shift: First


Under the direction of the manager for the Power Plant/Grounds Keeping/Equipment Repair Shops, perform a variety of duties involving maintenance of grounds and landscaping throughout Baystate Medical Center. This position supports the mission of Baystate Health by providing the services noted above to help maintain an outdoor environment that is safe and appealing to patients, visitors and staff. Work outdoors in all kinds of weather i.e. heat, rain, snow, ice, etc. Perform other similar and related duties as required or directed. Observe all health and safety requirements.

Job Responsibilities: 

1) Clean paper and all other debris around all Hospital buildings and main entrances on a daily basis. Mow, trim and edge at least weekly or as needed. Trim hedges and bushes, weed and cultivate beds and apply mulch as the season dictates. Clear hard surfaces of any trimmings after each mow. Completes spring and fall clean-up duties.

2) Operate a wide-variety of tools, equipment and vehicles such as pickup trucks with trailers, Bobcat loaders, Zero-Turn mowers, dump trucks, edger's, motorized shears and other various types of equipment that is motorized and/or hand operated.

3) Service, clean, lubricate and replace worn or broken parts on landscaping and snow removal equipment as needed. Troubleshoot equipment issues in order to repair or call for a repair.

4) Take calls and handle accordingly. Correct grounds issues in a timely manner. Pickup used needles and biohazard waste and properly dispose of debris, as needed. Pickup antifreeze and gasoline with absorbent materials, clean up area and properly dispose of used materials.

5) Work on recycling efforts with other team members by collecting lead acid batteries and bring them to a recycling facility. Help put large metal items in the metal recycling dumpster and fill the trash dumpster with broken furniture and other non-recycling equipment as needed.

6) Able to work independently on projects and with other team members as required.

7) Work from Service Work Requests, specifications, drawings, prints and instructions. Perform proper maintenance of landscape by planting, trimming, lawn mowing and raking. Prepare soil for plantings according to standard procedures. Perform snow removal as assigned.

8) Perform various duties including installation, dismantling, repair, renovation and alteration of structures, equipment and furniture as required or directed. Participate in demolition, collect and remove trash, debris and other materials, as necessary.

9) Perform a variety of duties involving maintenance of grounds and landscaping throughout Baystate Medical Center. Support the Mission of Baystate Health by providing the services noted above to help maintain an outdoor environment that is safe and appealing to patients, visitors and staff.

10) Prepare and maintain required records of time, materials and supplies. Order materials and supplies as needed. Refer unusual cases or problems to manager.

11) Mowing:
Must have working knowledge of various types of lawnmowers- walk-behinds, riders, push mowers, etc. Performing routine weekly maintenance including sharpening of blades, scraping of decks, oil changes, greasing pivot points, cleaning air filters, carburetor adjustments, changing spark plugs, flat tire replacement, working with hydraulic jacks and stands. Check for overall wear on lawnmowers by identifying and making minor repairs as needed. The use of two-cycle engines including hand-held blowers, leaf vacuums, string trimmers, hedge trimmers and power cultivators, etc.
Identify, order and pick up parts and supplies and take the needed documentation required to vendor. All equipment whether stationary, on-site or mobile, must be secured properly to prevent theft and operated safely to prevent accidental property damage or bodily harm to patients, visitors, employees, etc.

12) Must be familiar with the following:
The safe operation of grounds equipment
Trailering and transportation of all lawn care equipment in the grounds garage
The safe operation of Bobcat loaders and attachments
Properly securing Bobcat loaders to trailer for transportation
Operation of riding mowers
Operation of skid steer mowers
Operation of tractors
All personal protective equipment must be used when operating equipment such as eye and ear protection, gloves, boots, etc.

13) Pruning, Hedge Trimming:
Must have general knowledge and safe use of pruning equipment, e.g. hand saws, chain saws, pull pruners, loppers, etc. and be familiar with proper pruning techniques along with maintenance of such equipment.

14) Debris Control:
Debris such as litter, weather-related debris and roadway debris is to be picked up as needed and properties are to be maintained in a clean state. All seasonal tasks should be completed as needed e.g. spring clean-up, bed edging, mulching, debris control, lawn mowing, tree and shrub care and leaf removal.

15) Snow Removal:
Must be able to safely operate and maintain all snow removal equipment such as snow blowers, tractors, snow plows, spreaders, sanders and Bobcats along with their attachments in all types of situations and be readily available in short notice during winter months. Must notify supervisor of availability for upcoming storm events and make arrangements if unavailable for assigned shift.

16) Irrigation Inspection and Repair:
Irrigation maintenance experience
Identify irrigation issues
Must be able to program irrigation clocks
Identify leaks and replace compression couplings, working with swing pipe, replacing nozzles, heads and making minor adjustments for coverage issues.
Working knowledge and manual operation of valves, solenoids and location of shut-offs for startup and shutdown

17) Medical Waste:
Must be able to pick up, clean and properly dispose of various types of medical waste spills that occur outside on the grounds to include needles, syringes, broken glass and other items that could be considered medical waste.

Required Work Experience: 

1) None

Preferred Work Experience: 

1) Three to five years' experience in professional landscaping field, including working with deck

Skills and Competencies: 

1) Basis computer skills

2)  Ability to read, write and speak English

3)  Basic math skills

4)  Ability to work with minimum supervision

Hoisting License needs to be completed within 90 days of the hire date

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GED or HiSET (Required)


DOT Medical Examiners Certification – Other, Driver License – Other, Hoisting License – Massachusetts Office of Public Safety

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