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Req#: R19400
Category(s): Clinical Support, Patient Care Technicians
Full Time / Part Time: Part-Time
Shift: First


The Expressed Human Milk Technician (EHMT) will prepare pumped breast milk according to physicians' orders for the population of infants served in the NICU and CCN for a 24 hour period. This includes communication with both the health care team and the parents as partners in care. The EHMT will follow all PPID practices to assure the safe and accurate distribution of milk. The EHMT will be involved with quality control of the areas served. This will include monitoring the storage areas of EHM in NICU/CCN and throughout the hospital.

Job Responsibilities: 

1) Documentation of refrigerators and freezers that store expressed human milk. Follow up of any out of range readings. Monitor logs to assure that environmental services is up to date with cleaning and defrosting.

2) Maintain storage refrigerators and freezers to assure all milk is properly labeled and rotated to use the oldest milk first.

3) Review feeding orders in CIS on all patients to determine how much milk needs to be defrosted and prepped for a 24 hour period.

4) Communicate with RNs to determine feeding type i.e. gavage, battle, continuous.

5) Prep and label all feedings and refrigerate until 30 minutes prior to scheduled feeding.

6) 7a-7p distribute feedings to bedsides for NICU/CCN. 7p-7a nurses will obtain feedings from the refrigerator.

7) Interact with families throughout the shift. Keep them informed of supply needs. Provide the bottles for pumping. Check expiration dates on breast pump supplies.

8) Log EHM into refrigerators/freezers as obtained from families, checking proper labeling.

Required Work Experience: 

1) 2-3 years experience as a CNA or equivalent experience

Preferred Work Experience: 

1) None Listed

Skills and Competencies: 

1) Good interpersonal skills; math test required; basic computer skills; Proficient with reading and writing in English

2)  Age appropriate, CPR, math

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