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The role of leaders at Baystate Health is, first and foremost to, work “Together to Deliver a Higher State of Caring” for our diverse patients, community, and staff.

Baystate Leaders are expected to act as dynamic stewards of the organization and to engage people in meaningful work that calls on each person to contribute what they do best to ensure organizational success. It is especially important that our leaders act in a way that demonstrates compassion, inclusiveness and raising the standard of excellence.

Baystate Health is committed to the development and growth of its leaders and expects that its leaders, in turn, are committed to their own development and growth as well as that of all employees. Baystate Leaders continuously develop the competencies that better enable them to envision purpose, engage people and execute productively, thus allowing us to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision of transforming Healthcare.

Envisioning Strategy: Communicate a compelling vision of the organization’s future and effectively translate that into Divisional/Departmental and Individual goals.

Engaging People: Recruit, develop and position people utilizing their strengths. Create and promote an inclusive environment in which people are actively engaged, included, and inspired to do their best to continuously improve individual and organizational effectiveness.

Executing to Achieve Results: Implement complex plans to achieve results through others with creative and sustainable solutions.

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Relationships and Collaboration: Treats all patients and fellow staff in a welcoming and professional manner. Has an appreciation of and respect for diversity when interacting with patients, employees, peers, and staff from other areas of the organization. Collaborates and engages with peers through the service line and BH. Works side by side with physician leadership within the practice and service line. Understands resources and contacts available to help in different situations and can reach out to them when necessary. Provides and accepts both positive and constructive feedback to build relationships and for professional development. Establishes boundaries and expectations of employees, vendors, contractors, and others that engage within the practice. Works effectively in a variety of conditions and circumstances. Can effectively and appropriately advocate for staff when necessary.


Processes and Procedures: Able to navigate the day-to-day operations over a large single or multiple sites by understanding standardized workflows that make the practice functional. Accepts, follows, and implements Baystate policies and procedures and ensures they are applied consistently. Able to focus on the root cause of issues and utilizes critical thinking to solve for them and develop improvement plans based on office data. Prepares reports and document recommendations for Program Director to implement positive changes to increase efficiency and improve quality. Researches and utilizes best practices to initiate change and makes decisions that are aligned with BH competencies, values, and service standards.


Customer Focus: Coordinates employee development, objectives, and business standards to meet patient expectations. Proactively acts to continuously improve and uphold patient satisfaction. Manages the overall patient experience and can sustain positive patient outcomes by active listening, problem solving as well as understanding cultural and diverse opinions.


Communication: Actively listens to concerns, suggestions, and solutions. Is skilled at and can communicates effectively and professionally in both verbal and written communication with all levels of employees within the organization. Is an active participant on committees and able to bring back learnings to the practice and service line. Demonstrates that they can understand and clearly articulates issues and recommendations through compromise, negotiation, and resolution.

Approaches difficult conversations by identifying the issue, being a bipartisan party and identifies possible outcomes or courses of action. Able to manage and communicate change to employees through direct and engaging conversations by explaining the "why", supporting, following up on and reinforcing the change.


Personal/Professional Development: Explores learning opportunities within BH and outside. Expresses pride and humility in personal and professional accomplishments. Reflects on performance and is comfortable seeking feedback from others. Able to utilize their own development in developing those on their team as well as mentoring peers when necessary.


Time and Project Management: Demonstrates effective time management by being able to complete tasks or projects in a timely manner through prioritization and organizational skills to achieve maximum impact and results. Understands when it is appropriate to delegate to meet deadlines and ensures that completion of the project is on track. Ensures participants understand their role, responsibility, and the overall goals of the project.

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Employee Engagement: Develops effective relationships with staff and providers by establishing clear goals and responsibilities to create a positive employee experience. Acts as a coach and mentor to employees by understanding opportunities available and providing support to learn and grow in their role.

Models a respectful and knowledge-based approach to cultural diversity. Utilizes outcomes of the employee engagement survey to create engagement plans and improve areas where needed.


Human Resource Management: Demonstrates professionalism by appropriate appearance, time management, attitude, and behavior within the practice setting. Understands policies of the organization and consistently administers when needed to ensure accountability through proper documentation. Documents conversations/communications and keeps accurate records of findings regarding workplace issues. Able to effectively address workplace conflict by providing solutions and recommendations. Partners with the HR Business Partner when needed on complex or unusual issues by compiling information as well as recommendations to address. Conducts thorough investigations and consults with the HRBP or Employee Relations Consultant. Has an active role in hiring employees by working with Talent Acquisition Partners by interviewing and providing feedback for candidates and making salary recommendations to ensure equity. Has knowledge of positing positions in response to staffing needs and can justify for position approvals when necessary. Responsible for ensuring new employees are oriented in the practice appropriately by introducing them to the team, establishing clear expectations and ensuring there is knowledge of all policies and procedures where applicable.


Performance Management: Ensure employees are educated on workflows and processes, understand them and are effectively able to carry out work assignments. Takes a hands-on approach to addressing performance issues by coaching and ensuring employees have the tools necessary to be effective in their role. Utilizes their knowledge and documents when addressing performance issues. Manages the Performance Evaluation process by ensuring evaluations for all staff are complete by established deadline and manages the merit program.

Able to appropriately utilize a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) or progressive corrective action when necessary.


Revenue Cycle Management: Understands revenue cycle and billing. Uses report data to maximize revenue, identify improvements and additional revenue management strategies. Ensures efficient processing of co-pay collection, selfpay, referral management, missing charges, eligibility verification and registration accuracy. Monitors Billing Dashboards, acts on discrepancies, Ensure documentation and billing by providers is timely.


Budget: Monitors budget, recognizes & explains variances, when negative variance develops options for resolving and managing to budget. May work with Director to determine best course of action. Helps to develop practice budget.

Provides preliminary budget data and substantiates reasons for increases.


Program Development and Management: Works with Program Director and medical leadership to design, implement and manage programs and processes that grow the enterprise and ensure high quality and performance. Able to demonstrate consistent application of these expectations.


  Serves as a liaison between Baystate Health and our Mobile health teams.


 Oversee the EMS coordinators through collaboration with the Chief of the Division of Prehospital & Disaster Medicine and Program Director of Emergency Services.

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 Serves as the Business Manager for Baystate Health ground and air EMS partnerships.


During times of high volume, system stress, and/or disaster, provide patient care within the scope of the Senior Clinical Business Manager's state licensure


Education:  Develops and administers clinical training plans in collaboration with EMS stakeholders.





Unless otherwise required by certification, licensure, or registration, an equivalent combination of education and experience which provides proficiency in the areas of

responsibility listed in this description may be substituted for the minimally required education and/or experience listed in the Qualifications section below.

Minimally Required Education: If none required select “none required”.

Preferred Education:

Bachelor’s degree within 6 months of hire, paramedic, EMS, Business, or related degree

Bachelor’s degree or currently enrolled in business, EMS, or other health care related degree.

Minimally Required Experience: If none required select “none required”.

Minimum of 5 years progressive clinical experience in complex acute care hospital, EMS, and ambulatory settings required. Experience in progressive EMS AND acute care hospital systems. Experience in EMS and acute care information systems preferred; Additionally, five (5) years of clinical provider and educator experience at the advanced life support or comparable level with positive reviews from colleagues

Preferred Experience:  Prior leadership experience

Must have 2 – 4 years progressive management experience.

Prior experience in a medical office setting.


  • Follows all Baystate Health core competencies, values, ethics policies and understands the mission of the organization.
  • Proficient with computers and comfortable learning new systems and applications Excellent written/oral communication
  • Effective knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (Skype, Word, Excel, Outlook specifically) Able to establish a working team and provide a high level of customer/patient satisfaction.
  • Understands EMS and hospital business operations, policies and procedures and clinical/ancillary workflow processes and applies knowledge of clinical practice trends in mobile care business service areas. Ability to assess, map and analyze real-life clinical and business practices to utilize optimal vendors, partners, or internal resources. Project design and implementation, prioritize, organize, assess and relocate issues and respond quickly to operational and strategic needs; skills to lead meetings, prioritize, resolve conflicts; strong communication and follow-up skills.



State MA



Please provide industry accepted acronym & description. i.e., CDL – Commercial Driver’s License and

State Requirement (MA or CT).







Any job requiring CPR must have a minimum of Health Care Provider CPR training (CPR and AED) unless otherwise specified in the Certification section.



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Please provide industry accepted acronym & description. i.e., CPR – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and

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Leadership job evaluations must be accompanied by a current and proposed organization chart.

Management has the right to change or add and/or change the job responsibilities at any time.

You Belong At Baystate

At Baystate Health we know that treating one another with dignity and equity is what elevates respect for our patients and staff. It makes us not just an organization, but also a community where you belong. It is how we advance the care and enhance the lives of all people.



Bachelor of Science: Paramedicine (Required)


Advanced Cardiac Life Support – American Heart Association, Basic Life Support – Other, Driver License – Other, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) – Paramedic – Other

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

Baystate Health is an Equal Opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, ancestry, age, genetic information, disability, or protected veteran status.

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